“Darren Levin’s appropriately moody and atmospheric lighting design gives perfect illumination to Gary C. Hoff’s simple yet inventive set (that’s reminiscent of his scenic design for The Last Five Years of some seasons back) that provides the multiple settings for Violet’s journey of hope and longing.”

Jef Ellis for Broadway World


“…captured perfectly the seedy environs of the Kit Kat Klub in 1929 – beautifully, evocatively and stunningly lighted by Darren Levin’s superb design…”

Jef Ellis for Broadway World

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

“Thanks to Brewer’s vision for the production and the scenic and production design by Cody Stockstill (and Darren Levin’s evocative lighting design), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time provides a welcome and invigorating theatrical experience.”

Jef Ellis for Broadway World

“The grid-like set is quite efficient, supporting the fluid staging while effectively drawing us into Christopher’s mind. Darren Levin’s lighting and Gregg Perry’s sound also contribute to this highly immersive atmosphere…”

Amy Stumpfl for Nashville Scene

It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

“Beautifully and atmospherically illuminated by Darren Levin’s lighting design, Studio Tenn’s It’s A Wonderful Life is a visually stunning masterpiece of theatrical art.”

Jef Ellis for Broadway World

“Andrew Cohen’s gorgeous set is beautifully detailed — from the vintage microphones and applause signs to the glistening snow falling outside the station’s window. Lauren Terry’s costumes also capture the era nicely, while Darren E. Levin’s lighting adds to the dreamy effect.”

Amy Stumpfl for Franklin Homepage


“Levin’s exquisite lighting design frames the onstage action with a rich glow that adds a sense of drama to the proceedings.”

Jeffrey Ellis for Broadway World

“Darren Levin’s lighting also is effective, guiding the eye and smoothing scene changes.”

Amy Stumpfl for Nashville Scene


“Darren Levin’s lighting design bathes the set in atmospheric shading and moments of real illumination…”

Jef Ellis for Broadway World

Every Brilliant Thing

“…and lighting designer Darren Levin and assistant lighting designer Erin Featherston, whose illumination shifts were as natural as the shifting light of day.”

Evans Donnell for

Side Show

“Speaking of Vaudeville, Darren Levin’s lighting was fun and true to the era. It was spot on (no pun intended) when we saw the scenes of the twins in Vaudeville — the spotlight directly on them, the iconic, bright circle of light putting them on display.”

Carrie Moore for the Carrie on the Arts

Avenue Q

“Darren E. Levin’s lighting design is gorgeous and seamlessly integrated, directing the eyes of every audience member to where they need to focus and highlighting the goings-on as they happen onstage.”

Jeffrey Ellis for Broadway World

Smart People

“Just as important to the production’s success are the various design elements which create an aesthetic that seems perfect for both the subject matter and the setting of Smart People: Hoff’s set is extraordinary; Trish Clark’s costumes clothe the actors with regard for who they are and what they are in their lives; Darren E. Levin’s lighting design illuminates the story, helping the audience to follow the story with ease; and Kyle Odum’s sound design ensures every utterance is heard.”

Jeffrey Ellis for Broadway World


“Aided by Darren Levin’s lighting design, the framework, not only looks like a finished sculpture, but at times seems reminiscent of the intricate crevices and ridges of the brain, mirroring the eventual depth at which our two artists finally find common ground – the perception of their true posterity.”

Jonathan Pinkerton for Nashville Arts Critic


“But what amazed me the most was the lighting.  There’s no doubt a lot of lights on a beauty pageant stage.  But what got me was how the lights – which were also set for “Nunsense” were used.  It was a total transformation making the beauty pageant even more believable to all of us in attendance.”

Carrie Moore for the Custer County Chronicle

Good Monsters

“Darren E. Levin’s evocative lighting illuminates the story and directing the focus of the audience’s eyes in the process.”

Jeffrey Ellis for Broadway World

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

“Darren E. Levin’s lighting also makes us sure we move as rapidly in time and place as the playwright would have us go.”

Jonathan Pinkerton for Nashville Arts Critic

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